What is Fishing?

Fishing is a popular activity of capturing fishes from water. The activity has taken many forms as some do it for catching and selling fishes as an occupation, while for others it is a recreational activity. It is one of the recommended activities for elderly and young alike, as it takes you closer to nature and to catch fishes in a healthy open-air environment.

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In its simplest form, fishing involves a fishing rod, a reel, and hooks. A bait or lure, such as insects combines to the hook, in a process known as angling, where the fish gets captured on to the hook using the insects.

Why go Fishing?

There are several reasons why people go fishing. As a business, fishing is a popular industry with a huge market of people who consume seafood. The government issues special fishing permits for the seafood industry to capture the fishes by having wide scale fishing operations.

Many people fish for stress relief. This activity allows people to enjoy the outdoors and have a sense of complete freedom from the artificial city environment. A day spent interacting with nature and catching fishes helps people to escape from everyday worries and have a stress free time for themselves.

Most people just go fishing as it is a fun activity. It is a recreational sport that allows you to catch fishes and be with the company of family and friends. There are several locations that are exclusive to fishing for families to go and have a good time.

Certain people prefer the thrill to catch a fish and not pick one from supermarkets. They also prefer fish over other meats as it is low in cholesterol and is rich in protein. It is a recommended diet for people and they love to catch a fish and cook and eat it in the open air.

The Best Time for Fishing

Unlike other sports or a recreational event, fishing is an all year activity. Summer is an ideal time to go fishing. The weather is ideal for an early morning or late evening fishing trip, and most people prefer long summers mornings to have a fishing trip. While in other seasons, like spring and fall, people head for fishing near dusk. The people who are not bothered by the wind chills can enjoy fishing during winters as well.

Things to Carry on a Fishing Trip

A basic fishing box is a need for any fishing trip. The box usually has the following items: hooks, line, floaters to reel in the fishes, artificial plastic worms, more bait, and a portable cold storage to keep the captured fish. If the fishing activity is on a hot summer day then carrying a sunscreen is necessary. Lastly for any outdoor activity including fishing a person must also carry a small first aid box.

If the person is planning to eat the fish at the fishing site then the person should carry all the basic cooking utensils and spices to cook the fish and have a delicious meal.